Caravan and Motorhome Tracking

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Caravan Tracking & Motorhome Tracking
Phantom Pro 3 Tracking System
Vehicle Disturbance & Motion Detection

For over a decade, Phantom has been protecting caravans and motorhomes with our security and tracking solutions. Now, as the UK’s most popular leisure vehicle tracking company, we continue to offer peace of mind to caravanners and motorhome owners across the country. Our 20,000+ customers trust our expertise, and our track record, which boasts recoveries of vehicles worth a cumulative £10,000,000. So if you need a security solution you can rely on, Phantom’s tracking system is it.

The Phantom Pro 3 Tracking System is an innovative and impressive example of tracking technology. Your vehicle is installed with the small box, by one of our accredited fitters. Subtle in its design and installed so that it is hidden, there will be nothing to suggest your vehicle is tracked, leaving potential thieves oblivious and likely to be caught. Powered by your vehicle’s battery, the Pro 3 device will pinpoint the caravan or motorhome’s location to within 8 feet, allowing the control centre to track its movements.

Phantom’s tracking systems are directly linked to our 24-hour call centre, which monitors all system signals and tracks stolen vehicles’ locations. If your vehicle is disturbed or if unauthorised movement is detected, motion sensors trigger the Pro 3 device. The system then relays GPS information to our control centre, where an operator will alert you to the vehicle theft within three minutes. Once you have a crime reference number we can then liaise with the authorities, assisting them in the recovery of your vehicle.

Alarm and Tracking Combo

Our Sentinel system is designed with the intention of providing your motorhome with the best level of security out there


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