Dash Cams


Capture every moment with the RoadHawk Vision in crystal-clear 1296p resolution. This small and discreet dash cam offers the best quality footage of all dash cams within its price range and what’s more, all video can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. Using the RoadHawk Vision App’s live-view feature, the camera can be positioned correctly first time, ensuring a rapid installation and full view of the road ahead.


The RoadHawk DC-3 is a full high-definition dashboard camera with accurate GPS data, speed information and the ability to record crisp footage day or night, rain or shine.  Featuring handy auto-format functionality, the RoadHawk DC-3 saves valuable time and also ensures that memory cards last longer.

Its intelligent G-Force sensor is able to recognise if an impact occurs and log the event as a piece of concrete evidence for use in a court of law. The DC-3 is easy to use and can be simply installed by any user.


The multi-purpose RoadHawk DC-2’s has extensive range of features, giving you the power to recall any unexpected events on Britain’s busy roads. This discreet dash cam will provide you with clear-cut evidence for use in insurance claims and settling disputes over who was at fault if you do find yourself in a crash.