GPS Vehicle Trackers

GPS Vehicle Trackers

SRS Vehicle Security Installations offer a range of GPS Vehicle Trackers to help keep your car safe and secure.

Our GPS Vehicle Trackers provide an easy to use, real-time vehicle tracking solution, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s location, speed, and direction with accuracy.

We provide Full GPS Fleet Management Solutions catered to your needs. 1 to 500+ Vehicles we have a solution. Full Driver Analytics and GPS Data Recording at a fraction of the cost of others.

No Contract subscriptions allows you the freedom to not be penalised for adding or removing vehicles from your fleet.

  • See driver and vehicle location in near real-time.
  • Track driver conduct such as speeding or poor driving
  • Easily identify out of hours use and save money
  • and so much more…..
GPS Vehicle Trackers

Driver Vehicle Checks APP

Each Driver has an App to complete Daily Checks. All data is send directly to our Platform Track Manager where the Fleet Manager can review and update any defects or issues discovered. 

This is a paper free and audit compliant process available for fleet managers. 

Do you want to see a LIVE DEMO?

Please contact us so we are able to setup a demo account to your specification.

Live View Dash Cameras

A Dash Cam is a must have piece of technology for any vehicle or fleet in today’s world.

Our Dash Cams have one Front facing Camera and one Internal Camera with audio if required. Both cameras are fixed by the installer to avoid accidental movement by the driver.

Supplied with a 128GB SD card and Multi Network Sim Card for remote viewing or Data Recovery. Both of these items are locked within the Camera with a security screw so they cannot be easily removed.

GPS Tracking is available within the camera itself albeit this is not the full fleet Tracking you will get by installing a GPS Unit. You can install both and get LIVE VIEW Dash Camera footage and Full Fleet analytics at the same time from our platform.