Your FORS Compliance Vehicle Tech Partner

All FORS accredited operators are committed to improving their safety standards whilst reducing the environmental impact of their freight operations throughout the UK.  By improving the efficiency of their fleet, transport and haulage operators will benefit in many ways:

Fleet safety and visibility: HaulTech’s vehicle camera system will enables the haulier to access and learn from real-time and historical recordings captured whilst their vehicles are on the road.  Any road incidents, collisions and learning can be reviewed and lessons/experience to share best safety practice with other stakeholders

  • Utilising HaulTech’s vehicle dashboard monitor empowers the driver with enhanced visibility surrounding blind spots, so your drivers have the tools and vision they require to protect themselves, your business and other vulnerable road users

  • Near-side blind spot sensor provides audible warning to the driver when obstructions are present within the blind spot areas of the vehicles.  These alerts focus the driver’s attention meaning lives can be saved and personal injury avoided which in turn provides a positive impact on the company’s safety and insurance record

Tools to secure and safeguard your business: HaulTech’s FORS compliant solutions create you the opportunity to organically grow your business through heightened access to major projects and contracts that are only available to FORS compliant operators.

HaulTech’s long list of FORS accredited transport, haulage and fleet operators benefit from the following outcomes:

  • A business that is set apart from its competitors

  • Reduced fuel consumption and increase efficiency through improved driver awareness

  • An operation that complies with Industry leading standards

  • Access to greater industry ‘know how’ and networking opportunities

  • Exclusive access to driver and transport management training

  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction

From FORS Bronze through FORS Silver to FORS Gold compliance

As a promoter of fleet efficiency, productivity and environmental impact here at HaulTech we understand the importance of Silver and Gold standards:  They’re essential for helping you to reduce, mitigate and manage the risks associated with operating commercial vehicles in the same environment as vulnerable road users.   We see that in order to help you meet these standards, vehicle safety equipment is imperative.

To support fleet operators FORS have set out the following equipment standards which accredited operators must adhere to, if they are to maintain their quality, safety and environmental standards when operating a fleet of vans, trucks and plant, all of which contribute to the protection and safety of vulnerable road users:

  • Blind-spot camera

  • In-cab monitor

  • Close proximity warning sensors

  • Audible reversing system

  • Audible left turning warning

FORS Silver

All you need to know when going for silver


All you need to know when going for gold