The MIRRC, fondly known as 'Thatcham' owned by the major insurance companies set the highest criteria, Category 6 and then Category 5 being the very highest in protection against theft recovery. All our products are fully tested by Thatcham and SGS, making the product fully VCA compliant to all vehicle manufactures as an after market product.


Thatcham Category 6 – Category 6 devices have to be monitored by Secure Control Centre for illegal movements (vehicle moving without the ignition key), disconnection of main vehicle battery. We also monitor battery voltage so if your battery is running low they will contact the customer making them aware.


Thatcham Category 5 - Category 5 is the highest Thatcham Category for Vehicle Tracking. These devices must have the facility to recieve an immobilisation command from the Secure Control Centre to stop the vehicle from starting. At Police request only. Key protection is included with the end user having to carry a separate tag when driving the vehicle. If the tag is not present the customer would be called when the vehicle is being driven to confirm the safety of the vehicle.

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