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What is an Insurance Approved VehicleTracker?

Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

Insurance approved vehicle trackers are GPS devices which have undergone independent assessments and hold the Thatcham accreditation.

Insurance providers often require you to install a vehicle tracking system in order to provide adequate coverage for high-value vehicles, which are more likely to be stolen.

Thatcham is a renowned authority on automotive security products and has been evaluating and certifying aftermarket vehicle tracking systems since 1992.

Thatcham insurance approved vehicle trackers are devices that have been tested for safety and performance standards, and meet required criteria for insurance policies that require these types of GPS trackers to be installed to comply with your insurance plan.

Why Do You Need a Thatcham Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker?

A vehicle GPS tracking device may be required to be installed by your insurance company if your vehicle is categorised as high risk for theft.

Thatcham Vehicle trackers are increasingly popular due to the rising rate of car theft. Advanced technology has been taken advantage of by criminals to commit relay attacks on keyless entry cars, allowing them to access the vehicle within a minute.

An insurance approved vehicle tracker can give you peace of mind and help you quickly find your car in the event of theft.

High Performance Cars
Range Rover Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker

Benefits of Having an Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker

An insurance approved vehicle tracker is more effective than a factory-installed or aftermarket security device.

Insurance companies may require customers to install trackers on their cars or vehicles as part of their policy.

An insurance-approved tracker can result in up to a 20% cost reduction on your insurance premium due to the reduced risk of theft when it is installed.

Insurance approved trackers are specifically designed for effective security. They contain advanced features to guard against theft and ensure quick recovery of the vehicle.

Thatcham trackers have a 24/7 control center to act on alerts, and all brands include a mobile app for users to monitor their vehicle’s location.

Choosing a Thatcham Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracker

With so many different types of Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers on the market, we highly recommend either an S5 or an S7 vehicle tracker which are highly recognised within the industry as the number 1 tracker for insurance approved insurance policies.

The S5 and S7 Vehicle Trackers are the highest category Thatcham products available and are best installed by a recognised installer, such as SRS Vehicle Security. 

Our trained fitters will complete installation of a vehicle tracker within two hours, providing guidance on its features and answering any questions afterwards.

Our Recommended Insurance Approved Vehicle Trackers

S7 Insurance Approved Tracker


S5 Insurance Approved Tracker


S5+ Plus Insurance Approved Tracker


With all the insurance approved vehicle trackers we fit, we offer free installation at a time and place to suit you.