Vehicle Security and GPS Tracking Installation Services Barnsley

Vehicle security Barnsley  supplies and installations of auto watch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers and other security solutions such as GPS vehicle trackers, dash cams and car alarms for businesses & individuals in Barnsley. 


SRS Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security in Barnsley by SRS Vehicle Security is your best choice for advanced car safety solutions, extending our expert services beyond Sheffield and Grimsby. We specialise in the supply and installation of premium Autowatch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers. Our comprehensive security offerings include superior GPS vehicle trackers, alarms, and popular dash cam systems. 

Trust in our Barnsley team for unparalleled vehicle protection services.


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GPS Vehicle Security Barnsley

We are committed to ensuring your fleet management is seamless and highly efficient. Our cutting-edge real-time, cost-effective GPS vehicle tracking solutions, including our premier Vehicle security Barnsley system, extend far beyond merely locating your vehicles. They revolutionise the way you observe your fleet and drivers’ behaviour in Barnsley and beyond.

Our vehicle security Barnsley system is crafted to empower fleet managers and vehicle owners with real-time data that can significantly enhance operational efficiency, boost productivity, and drastically elevate safety standards. With our solutions, you can maintain a 24/7 connection with your fleet, whether they’re traversing the streets of Barnsley or operating miles away.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Lincoln
GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield

Alarms Barnsley

We supply and install the Autowatch 695CAN alarm system which is a Thatcham approved CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm system, designed to be used on full CAN Bus, semi CAN Bus or conventional wiring systems.

The 695CAN alarm can be fitted to any compatible new vehicle that requires an alarm.

Vehicle Security Barnsley

Our spectrum of vehicle safety installation services is meticulously designed with a view to prevent mishaps, support motorists and simultaneously provide protection to labourers, pedestrians, and cyclists not only across Barnsley but also further afield. We take pride in presenting an array of vehicle security products in Barnsley, each diligently constructed to mitigate risks, improve response times, and guarantee paramount safety for all road users.

To assist you in making a well-informed decision, we have curated a range of vehicle security products at car security Barnsley that we highly endorse for your automobile. Further to this, our team of professionals, specialising in vehicle security installation in Barnsley, are always at your disposal to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you choose the vehicle security solutions in Barnsley that are perfectly in sync with your needsO

GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield
GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield

Ghost Immobilisers Barnsley

The Ghost immobiliser is the original aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser, offering unparalleled protection for your car against theft. As a pivotal component of our vehicle security Barnsley, which also include our highly rated vehicle tracking solutions, this outstanding product offers advanced safeguards against threats such as key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft, ensuring your vehicle’s security is maintained consistently.

What distinguishes The Ghost from traditional immobilisers is its covert functionality. It has neither key-fobs nor LED indicators that could potentially disclose its position, rendering it undetectable for would-be thieves and thereby serving as an exceptionally potent deterrent.

Choosing SRS Vehicle Security means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your vehicle is under the protection of industry leaders. Our Vehicle Security Barnsley service provides you with top-notch security for your peace of mind.

WHO WE ARE - Car Security Company Barnsley

SRS VEHICLE SECURITY supplies and fits the Autowatch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers along with a host of other security products such as trackers, dash cams, alarms etc. The GHOST has a worldwide patent and is reckoned to be, by many experts, the best and most effective way to prevent vehicle theft.