Vehicle Security and GPS Tracking Installation Services Sheffield

Car security installation in Sheffield is provided by our expert team, specialising in a range of security solutions for your vehicle. We offer supplies and installations of cutting-edge auto watch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers, ensuring optimum protection for your vehicle. In addition to this, we also offer a comprehensive suite of security solutions such as GPS vehicle trackers, dash cams, and car alarms.


SRS Vehicle Security

At SRS VEHICLE SECURITY, we take great pleasure in delivering exemplary car security installation Sheffield. Transcending beyond Grimsby, our Sheffield team is proficient in supplying and fitting the superior Autowatch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers, a testament to our broad coverage of vehicle security Sheffield.

Our expansive range of security enhancements extends to top-notch GPS vehicle trackers and alarms. In addition, we provide and set up the ever-popular dash cams, offering you a comprehensive suite of security services.

Rest assured, entrusting your vehicle’s security to our Sheffield team guarantees a service that is simply unparalleled.

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GPS Vehicle Security Sheffield

We are devoted to making your fleet management as smooth and efficient as possible. Our innovative real-time, low-cost GPS vehicle tracking solutions are not just about pinpointing your vehicles’ locations; they’re about transforming the way you monitor your fleet, and drivers’ behaviour in Sheffield and beyond.

Our GPS Vehicle Trackers Sheffield is designed to empower fleet managers and vehicle owners with real-time data that can help enhance operational efficiency, increase productivity, and significantly improve safety standards. With our solutions, you can stay connected to your fleet 24/7, whether they’re on the streets of Sheffield or miles away.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield

Alarms Sheffield

We provide cutting-edge security solutions that protect your vehicles and ensure peace of mind. Our standout offering, the Autowatch 695CAN alarm system, is a Thatcham-approved CAT 2-1 upgrade alarm system specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with full CAN Bus, semi CAN Bus, or conventional wiring systems.

As a leading GPS vehicle tracking Sheffield provider, we don’t just stop at vehicle tracking. We believe in comprehensive security, which is why we supply and install the 695CAN alarm system. This highly versatile alarm system can be fitted to any compatible new vehicle that requires a robust and reliable alarm solution.

The Autowatch 695CAN alarm system is more than just an alarm; it is a significant enhancement to your vehicle security setup.

Vehicle Security Sheffield

Our range of car security installation services in Sheffield are designed with a focus on preventing accidents, assisting drivers while simultaneously offering protection to workers, pedestrians, and cyclists across Sheffield and beyond. We offer a wide variety of vehicle security products in Sheffield, each diligently crafted to reduce hazards, enhance reaction times, and ensure maximum security for all road users.

To support you in making an informed choice, we’ve compiled a selection of vehicle security products that we highly recommend for your vehicle. Beyond this, our team of experts specialising in car security installation in Sheffield, are always available to guide you through the selection process, ensuring that you opt for the vehicle security solutions in Sheffield that best align with your requirements.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield
GPS Vehicle Tracking Sheffield

Ghost Immobilisers Sheffield

The Ghost immobiliser, the original aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser that protects your car from theft in ways that no other product on the market can match.

This is an exceptional addition to our vehicle tracking Sheffield services, forming an integral part of our comprehensive vehicle security solutions. It offers advanced protection against key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft, ensuring your vehicle remains secure at all times.

What sets The Ghost apart from conventional immobilisers is its stealthy operation. It has no key-fobs or LED indications that could reveal its location. This makes it impossible for potential thieves to detect, making it an incredibly effective deterrent.

With SRS Vehicle Security, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safeguarded by the best in the business.

WHO WE ARE - Car Security Company Sheffield

SRS VEHICLE SECURITY supplies and fits the Autowatch GHOST Vehicle Immobilisers along with a host of other security products such as trackers, dash cams, alarms etc. The GHOST has a worldwide patent and is reckoned to be, by many experts, the best and most effective way to prevent vehicle theft